I'm Baaaaack!!


Bloody hell I miss my blog (and of course YOU) soo much.. Okay so anyway I have to confess that I'm a lil bit busy with my holiday and didn't update my blog recently. Aaaaaaand good news is I have sooooo much ideas to share to all of you. These are about my new weird 'job' as Tante Centil on Twitter, my snap-get-shot project, guest of the week column, and my own DIY limited stuff shop!!! (oooh, I'm so exciting about the last one)

Well recently there's a lovely junior of mine, name: Nadhira Nayunda who said like this blog soo much (Aaaah it's been a big gratitude and praise for me, hihi). And since she said that (via Twitter) to me in a sweet way so I decide to mention her full name on my blog. Thankyouuu darla!

Another excitement, (again) in my Twitter account, my Twitter friend Rara Khairunissa (@raransom) just gave me an AWARD! I won "the best fashion source" award. Another instant shock for me... Again, thanks for you Barbie...