Quick and Easy Step: How to walk in high heel shoes

High heel shoes are normally classed as any heel height over 3" or 4" (inches), although this is a matter of opinion. Some heels can be as high as 6" or even 7" without a platform.

You may wonder how women can walk in such high heels, or if you are experienced at wearing 2" or 3" heel shoes, you may wonder how it is possible to achieve that extra inch or two. But through correct practice, confidence, and experience it is possible.

Sebetulnya banyak sekali metode dan cara belajar bagaimana mengenakan sepatu ber-hak tinggi and I have detailed some of the easiest and most common suggestions.

1. Saat memakai sepatu, kenakan dengan posisi duduk ternyaman kalian.
If you are planning to wear heels outdoors or at a party on the weekend, even to the office, wear them around the house for a few hours first until they feel natural.

2. Cobalah jalan dengan gaya model runway.
Try standing in front of a mirror and walking in a straight line placing one foot in front of the other. Check the motion of your legs and body as you walk towards the mirror. Keep your feet pointing forward and legs straight.

Try wearing high heel shoes on both soft and hard surfaces will give you a greater understanding of how the shoe will react and respond. Tapi ingat! Jangan gunakan pada tanah basah dan lembab karena akan beresiko merusak sepatu kalian :)

4. Mind your shoe size!
Ensure that they are the correct size, incorrectly sized heels will cause discomfort and lead to misleading effects when walking. Terkadang, ukuran flat shoes dan sneakers kalian bisa berbeda dengan ukuran high heels. Sepatu dengan hak lebih tinggi cenderung membutuhkan ruang yang lebih untuk telapak kaki kalian menekuk mengikuti bentuk sepatu yang 'curvy'. Kalau sudah begini, tambahkan 1 ukuran pada nomor ukuran sepatu tanpa hak kalian. Voila! That's a perfect size for your high heel shoes.

5. Cobalah duduk dengan kaki berjinjit (jari menyentuh lantai dan telapak terangkat keatas) seperti bentuk high heels kalian. I believe
this will help to develop a stronger ankle and better balance.

6. Saatnya berlatih menaiki dan menuruni tangga! Untuk tahap pertama kalian bisa coba dengan bantuan pegangan pada tangga. Namun untuk tahap selanjutnya beranikan diri untuk coba tanpa berpegangan. Satu masalah yang biasa terjadi saat menaiki tangga sambil mengenakan high heels adalah heels yang kadang terbentur tangga. Untuk menghindari hal itu cobalah menaikinya menggunakan kaki yang sejajar dengan anak tangga alias horizontal.

If your feet become tired try sitting down for a while and removing your heels. Give them a short massage from ankle to toe.

As always, practice makes perfect. You may have to wear heels many times before they start to feel natural.

Selamat mencoba!

♥, Marissa

Dita Von Teese

Saya suka gaya Dita Von Teese mengekspresikan diri lewat fashion. Karena style-nya seolah juga berbicara: "Ini saya".

Style-nya yang nggak biasa ditambah ciri khas bedak putih tebal dan matte lipstick berwarna merah atau dark cherry
ini sangat outstanding. Dita bisa tetap terlihat glam dengan sentuhan gaya 'seram' nya itu.

Image courtesy: style.com

Dsquared²: Spring Ready-to-Wear 2010

Dsquared² menurut gue kali ini koleksinya cukup outstanding (buat gue yang suka sekali dengan pencampuran gaya avant-garde dengan ready-to-wear) walaupun kurang mendapat review yang baik oleh Vogue.

You'll see
the cutoff shorts, tees, and jean jackets came up with high neon patent-leather platform boots and gray hiking socks and were tweaked with plastic coverings. Reminds me of Vivienne Westwood honestly...

Its deconstructive cutting is cool enough while an evening dress was whipped together from a plaid wool blanket stitched to nude satin like this one...

One word: Fierce....

image courtesy: style.com

Bluemarine: Spring Ready-to-Wear 2010

Another review guys!!

Berhenti dulu untuk me-review brand dan rumah mode mainstream Milan seperti Prada, Dolce-Gabbana, dan Armani. Kebetulan sekali ada rumah mode yang eye-catching banget dengan koleksi Spring RTW 2010 nya. Why so? We'll see then...

The colorful tie-dye, glitzy hippie dresses and body-con knits. I love the colors!!! (They all look delicious! Yummy!) Sangat mencerminkan semangat musim semi.

Ide penggunaan accessories seperti
leather drawstring bag yang bermotif tie-dye senada buat gue juga cool banget.

image courtesy: style.com

Nikicio: Femme

This season Nikicio introduces its latest line-up. Nikicio: Femme.

As said on the lookbook, the collection extends maturity to a whole different standard. Nina Nikicio, designer, break her own boundaries. This house offered Nikicio: femme to public as their feminine side despite the androgynous face that has been a marks for so long.

There are so many soft fabrics; see those satin, lace, silk, see-throgh cotton, or even faux fur, and kind of balinese sarong on various looks.

This could be kinda edgy collection with the color that their give in. Mostly with black, white, and a shade of gray and gold (oh... all of them are writer's favorite color)

Je donne à celui-ci le meilleur coup. très chic

Thanks to Nina Nikicio who have been graciously nice for given me the show documentation links. I love your works!